Best IoT Platforms To Watch Out In 2019

A multi-layer technology which is used to manage and automate the connected devices is known as the IoT platform. In other words, it is a service which helps you in bringing the physical objects online. This platform will provide you with the services to connect the devices for a machine to machine communication. 

Internet of Things (IoT) is a software that connects the edge hardware, access points, and data networks to the other end which is usually the end-user application.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud provides a multi-layered secure infrastructure.

It helps in improving operational efficiency. It provides predictive maintenance for equipment, solutions for smart cities & buildings, and real-time asset tracking.


  • Machine learning capabilities for any IoT need.
  • Real-time business insights for globally dispersed devices.
  • AI capabilities.
  • Provides support for a wide range of embedded operating systems.
  • Location intelligence.


Particle provides the IoT solutions for hardware, connectivity, device cloud, and apps.

For connectivity, it provides three products i.e. Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Mesh. As an IoT software, it provides Device OS, Device Cloud, IoT Rules Engine, and developer tools. Particle is used by the Opti for training its weather casting product.


  • It will provide a robust and reliable infrastructure.
  • This platform can be used by anyone. No need for expertise.
  • It provides the firewall-protected cloud.
  • It can work with data even if it is on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud etc.
  • For data, it can be integrated with anything using REST API.
  • It provides an all-in-one solution for the hardware, software, and connectivity. There will be no need to invest time again in integrating.

Salesforce IoT Cloud

Salesforce IoT cloud will help you to transform all data which is generated by the customers, partners, devices, and sensors into relevant actions. It has partner connectors like AWS, Cisco Systems, etc.


  • It allows you to test business ideas without programming.
  • It will provide you the real data about the product usage and performance.
  • It can work with the data from any device.
  • You can create device profiles for customer context data in CRM and for streaming data from the connected devices.
  • Using RESTful API, you can import data from any source.
  • No need of CS degree while creating and managing orchestration rules.
  • Real-time traffic view.


It helps in managing the development lifecycle for IoT applications.

It provides flexibility to access data and IoT from on-premise, off-premise, and from the hybrid environment. Use of ThingWorx will give you increased uptime, reduced costs, role-based visibility & control, and improved compliance.


  • Connect devices.
  • Analyze data.
  • Build and deploy solutions.
  • Industrial IoT and application data is accessible from on-premise web servers, off-premise cloud applications and as hybrid environments.

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