SD Times news digest: GitLab 12.5, ConnectALL 2.9.9, and Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3.3

GitLab 12.5 was released this week with EKS cluster creation and an environments dashboard. According to the company, EKS cluster is crucial in today’s multi-cloud world.  GitLab’s new environments dashboard provides a single point of access to the status of environments in all groups and projects.  In addition, Crossplane has been integrated and deployable as […]

Bliki: TechnicalDebt

Software systems are prone to the build up of cruft – deficiencies in internal quality that make it harder than it would ideally be to modify and extend the system further. Technical Debt is a metaphor, coined by Ward Cunningham, that frames how to think about dealing with this cruft, thinking of it like a […]

Best IoT Platforms To Watch Out In 2019

A multi-layer technology which is used to manage and automate the connected devices is known as the IoT platform. In other words, it is a service which helps you in bringing the physical objects online. This platform will provide you with the services to connect the devices for a machine to machine communication.  Internet of Things (IoT) […]

Top 5 Machine Learning Software

Machine Learning has emerged as the most important technology of the 21st century. With so many prolific algorithms that can be used for designing machine learning solutions, we will take a look at some of the highly popular software solutions that you can use for building your very own machine learning model. 1. TensorFlow The standard […]

Blockchain Programming: Top 5 Languages

Blockchain is touted to be the new internet and expected to revolutionize the way industries in both – public and private – sectors function. It is still in its infancy and therefore only developing. The technology is creating plenty of new opportunities for programmers and developers to cash in on. Best Blockchain Programming Language There […]